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TOP ‘s funny dance

Posted: March 21, 2011 in funny
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it’s bigbang TOP
he is so funny ><


woowww they look so cute ><

BigBang TOP mistake in LOLLIPOP

Posted: March 21, 2011 in funny
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hahaha it’s so funny
but TOP still cool

BigBang TOP (fact)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in fact
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1. Before entering into Big Bang, he had been rapping in underground as Tempo and released song “buckwild” featuring NBK
2. TOP real name is Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)
3. TOP born in November 4, 1987
4. TOP blood type is B
5. TOP won KBS Radio’s “Rap Battle” in 2003.
6. TOP used to sleep walk when he was young. Now he just wraps his hoody tightly when sleeping.
7. TOP said if he crushed w/ a girl in his fan group, he would b disappointed n let her walk way, cause she is the fan.
8. TOP can calculates calories really quickly
9. TOP has lost about 20kg in just 40 days
10. TOP first watch porn videos in grade 5 elementary school
11. TOP admitted that he never wear a V-Neck shirt
12. TOP used to sleep walk when he was young. Now he just wraps his hoody tightly when sleeping
13. TOP got his first kiss at 7th grade near the Han River
14. TOP picked Taeyang as the member he would date if he was a girl
15. TOP cried when he saw 2000 fans at a surprise birthday party for him, thrown by other members
16. TOP has his mom as number 1 on speed dial
17. TOP dedicate “good boy” and “as if nothing’s wrong” songs for his ex-girlfriend
18. TOP favorite foods include rice, ice cream, yanggeng (red bean jelly), donuts
19. TOP clothing size is Large
20. In the 4th or 5th grade in elementary school he listened to rapper, Notorious B.I.G. and after hearing his music, he was moved by it and wanted to get into music.
21. Likes yanggeng, a sweet red bean jelly. He thought the smell of the red bean paste was so lovely and loveable, but doesn’t remember when he started liking it so much.
22. There was not a time where TOP had high scores while in school.
23. Hates to hear that he looks mean/scary.
24. If he didn’t do music, he’d sell clothes, or something to do with fashion.
25. Nickname in school was infant/sleepy.
26. He cried when he saw 2000 fans at a surprise birthday party for him, thrown by the other members.
27. Doesn’t like it when fans put up pictures of his family on the internet. He feels apologetic to his family.
28. He was the first member to be featured in a solo MV for another artist in Big Bang – Red Roc’s ‘Hello’.
29. He wants to learn from Seung Ri and GD’s determination of finishing work to the very best and getting it done efficiently.
30. TOP’s ‘sense.’ He has a knack for being humorous no matter what the mood is.
31. One of his favorite songs is ‘Notorious B.I.G. – Big Papa.’
32. He wants to someday duet with Lyn and Gummy.
33. Wants to be a hyung who isn’t embarrassing to his younger siblings.
34. His favorite artists include Method Man and Kanye West.
35. His answer to if he crushed on a girl in his fan group, is that he would be disappointed, and that all he can do is look at her and let her walk away. He won’t do anything more than that, because she is the fan.
36. He seldom went Karaoking before.
37. TOP was listed as #41 in Mnet’s TOP 100 “Must Have” Males for 2007
38. Classmates with Park Tae Hwan (gold medalist at Beijing Olympics Summer 2008), even took the screening test with him
39. The rapper also worked with K-Pop artist Gummy on her album Comfort, being a featured artist on her single “Mianhaeyo” (“I’m Sorry”), and also on Uhm Jung Hwa’s 2008 single “D.I.S.C.O.”.
40. In April 2007, he participated in a collaboration in Lexy’s “Super Fly” with fellow Big Bang members, Tae Yang and G-Dragon.
41. In summer 2007, T.O.P. was featured as an actor in Red Roc’s “Hello” music video.
42. In mid 2007, TOP starred in KBS2 drama, I Am Sam, whilst playing the school’s top fighter, Chae Musin.
43. In 2009, TOP gained his second acting role as assassin, Vick, in spy thriller, IRIS. TOP and the other Big bang member, Taeyang and GD sing “Hallelujah” as theme song to that drama.
44. In November 12, 2009, Seung Hyun, alongside fellow Big Bang member, Seungri appeared in teenage suspense drama, My 19.