BigBang GD (fact)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in fact
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-> GD’s solo debut stage brought 17.35% ratings for Inkigayo; highest in their 5 year history
-> GD’s Heartbreaker is the Most Downloaded album; Big Bang is the Most Downloaded artist; Big Bang is the Most Streamed Artist in Bugs for the years 2002-2009
-> GD is the youngest Arena Style Icon awardee
-> Big Bang was voted as the artist that makes part-time workers work more when you listen to their music (LOL)
-> Seungri’s Strong Baby was the first song to ever get over 10k votes on M Countdown with a 1 vote per person rule
-> Big Bang raised a clothing brand’s revenues to 225%
-> Big Show has a 15.3 million insurance policy for accidents; the maximum insurance for the boys are 59.8 million (5 times the normal insurance for performers) (not sure whether it’s billion or million won)
-> More people joined me2day in the past day after G-Dragon joined than the last 2 years
->According to NHN, me2day had 92k users on August 4th, but after the 5th of August to the 7th the user count increased to 170k. The user count doubled in the space of 5 days.
->In less than a fortnight the user count increased to 400k
->G-Dragon had 1.93 million page visits, and 11.12 million page views to become me2day’s “Biggest Star”. (if you check his me2day, the lowest comment number he has is around 3,000+)


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